17.2 Shout Outs

In case you missed it: after week two, FLEX Appeal (Green Team) is in the lead followed by Team Blue Barracudas and Team Red, The Thundercats! Points for 17.3 will be tallied up after Tuesday evening when all the scores have been validated. Just two more weeks of the Open and then we’ll close it out with VERSUS X!

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17.2 Top 3 Podium Finishers

1) Ann-Marie D. 2) Andrea V. 3) Ali S.
1) Devin B. 2) David H. 3) Nathan M.

1) Wendy C. 2) Danielle S. 3) Sandi P.
1) Michael W. 2) Jesse G. 3) Hugh M.

Shout out to G$ for getting after 17.2 in 95% humidity in Hong Kong at CrossFit Typhoon.

Cheryl, I really loved your Blue Barracudas helmet. Very nice touch!

And now, I’d like to share some reminders on how you can earn points for your team:

  • Show up & work out with FCF Pride! It’s such an easy way to earn points. C’mon, I know you own at LEAST two FCF t-shirts. If you don’t own one then: purchase one OR borrow one from a teammate!
  • Come workout with us on Saturday! You earn more points if you do. You still earn a point for doing the workout on Friday or by making it up on another day.
  • (You do not get extra points for re-testing.)
  • WIN the Spirit Award! Multiple people can win every week. I’ll leave the creative thinking for you on this one.
  • Judgement. Stick around and count/judge for someone working out! Every. Time. You. Judge.
  • For those officially registered for the CrossFit Games Open, make sure you enter your score onto the Games website.
  • Post on social media! Your post-workout selfie, your photo or video of cheering on a teammate, showing off how amazing you did! Whether you share on Facebook or Instagram you must tag Foundation CrossFit AND include the hashtags: #FCFio2017 + #HYFRsquad

As keeper of the realm scores, it really helps me out if you guys fill out the scoresheets fully, clearly, and checked off appropriately. If you think you have a common name (i.e. Sarah, Carlos, Ryan, Chris, Matt, etc.) please write out your full last name so I don’t need to cross reference our RSVP system + Games site or else I’ll end up like this:

I appreciate you all! I’ve been missing out on the fun Saturdays so far since Lily naps at 10am and ya’ll know she needs that sleep (and let’s be honest, I do too). Grandparents are coming this weekend so I can’t wait to cheer for you all over that megaphone. It’s the second to last workout, so let’s see some more team spirit!! Great job everyone.. and bring on 17.4!