Intramural Update & 17.4 Shout Outs

Thrusters and double unders it is!

As we’ve announced all week, after the last class tonight we’ll be screening the film FITTEST ON EARTH: A Decade of Fitness to get geared up for 17.5 and our 10th run at our inner-gym throwdown, VERSUS. 

The first heat will take on 17.5 at 8:30am.

But first…

17.4 Top 3 Podium Finishers

1) Ann-Marie D. 2) Bri M. 3) Crystal B.
1) David H. 2) Devin B. 3) James S.

1) Teada S. 2) Lindsay G. 3) Stacey S.
1) Grayson W. 2) Michael P. 3) Hugh M.


First handstand push ups: Jon U.

Deadlift PR: Mike D.

Beat their 16.4 score: Bobby B, David H., Lauren B.

Spirit Award: Sandi Pants & Devin

Shout out to Jacki for getting after 17.4 all the way in Florida at Seaward CrossFit.

17.4 Intramural Scores:

GREEN: 154
RED: 123
BLUE: 119

Leading into VERSUS X, Team (Green) Flex Appeal is in first with Team (Red) Thundercats in second and Team (Blue) Barracudas in third.

After we are done suffering through 17.5, there will be 4 other events to earn points for your team! See you all bright and early! Good luck!