Weighted Pullup

Pride Parade is this Sunday and the gym will be closed so we can participate wholly as a community.


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CrossFit WOD for Wednesday 6/21

3 attempts: max weighted pullup

– rest as needed –

1 attempt: max strict pullups

3 rounds for time:
20/15 calorie row
15 russian kettlebell swings, 32/24kg
10 handstand pushups

Post all three results to whiteboard!

Olympic Weightlifting WOD

snatch push press + snatch balance, snatch warmup to max

Powerlifting WOD

back squats, presses, deadlifts

Kettlebell WOD

– Primal Movement
– Halos, Planks and Getups (only 2 per side) to warm up
– We will be working on two bell work. Swings with two bells, front squats, presses and (of course) cleans.