Scout’s Honor

Russ planks!


+ The History of the Foam Roller – Physical Culture Study

CrossFit WOD for Friday 10/20

The Cascade Classic Individual Event 1: Scout’s Honor

for time:
10 deadlifts
10 burpee-over-bar
50 double unders
8 deadlifts
8 burpee-over-bar
50 double unders
6 deadlifts
6 burpee-over-bar
50 double unders
4 deadlifts
4 burpee-over-bar
50 double unders2 deadlifts
2 burpee-over-bar
50 double unders

Rx = 110/75kg

Post time to whiteboard!

Olympic Weightlifting WOD – Week 6/7, Day 3/3

snatch, clean & jerk, incline shoulder press, seated curl, twisting good am, handstands

Powerlifting WOD – Week 2/5, Day 2/4

Dynamic Effort Upper Body: 3-grip board press (close-grip, normal, wide-grip), landmine push press, upright row, kipping pullup, rear delt fly, stall bar hanging leg raise

Gymnastics Strength WOD

hanging and grip work, muscle-up strength, Jefferson curls, GGB

Kettlebell WOD

Abridged Primal Movement Warmup and Mobility, Rack and OH work, Shoulder and hip mobility, Swings, presses and squats.