December’s Programming

Since December is known to be a funky month as far as everyone’s schedule goes, we wanted to make sure you felt prepared as you continue reaching for your goals. As a gift to our athletes here is the programming for December.

We also want the community to be able to take the other styles of classes we offer: HIIT (high-intensity interval training) class, Kettlebell class, Gymnastics Strength class, as well as Competitive Exercise (“CompEx”) classes. And yes, attending those specific days will count towards some of your December BINGO boxes.

Continue reading if you want an in-depth look at this. Avoid if you know you’re a cherry-picker!

If you download THIS VERSION (PDF) of the Programming overview, you’ll see the actual workouts as we will be writing them on the whiteboards.


As always, the programming is subject to change as we see fit.

Happy hunting!