Reintroducing The Programming Look Ahead 11/7-11/12

I asked in classes and you gave feedback! I’ll be posting every Sunday to explain what you’re getting into with our regular “Strength & Conditioning” classes to shed some light on the intended goals and stimuli.


MONDAY we’ll begin the week with our 5/3/1 Program and we’re doing the 3s! Then a fun 3-round metcon involving double unders, air squats, and pogo burpees! 20-minute time domain.

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WEDNESDAY is olympic weightlifting day and we’ll be working on cleans before doing a rowing/burpee/wall walk triplet. More burpees, but not the same type as Monday. Let’s test how your shoulder stamina holds up.

FRIDAY we have a decreasing ladder of toes-to-bar (or hanging leg raises) where you’ll do some walking overhead lunges between sets. You’ll use a single dumbbell overhead to challenge stability and midline control- your choice on how to break up loading per side. This is all after your 2nd week of strict pressing as our strength/skill component.

SATURDAY sees the return of THE BOAT workout where your team’s communication is paramount to being successful. The weird one/two/all working per element makes for a fun time if the work is divided up properly.