January 2018 Powerlifting Cycle Registration

Cycle begins Monday 1/8 and continues for 7 weeks.

With the CrossFit Games Open coming at the end of February this gives us the perfect opportunity to build and maintain a better squat/press/pull strength-base as we know a higher volume of the following are coming:

SQUATS: thrusters, air squats, box jumps, lunges (weighted, unweighted), front squats, full snatches/cleans, etc.

PRESSES: thrusters, “shoulder-to-overhead” (press, push press, jerks), thrusters, handstand pushups, etc.

PULLS: deadlifts, cleans, hang cleans, pullups, toes-to-bar, dumbbell snatches, etc.

We also plan to build confidence with your midline stability and grip strength. We hope to increase your intelligence with what’s reasonable with your training so you have time to recover.

Those who plan to do well in the Open should be supplementing with CrossFit workouts at least 3x/week.

If you are planning to take part in this cycle or ANY of our barbell cycles, we ask that you commit and invest your time in sticking with it from beginning to end.

You must be registered through the following form to participate in the cycle. Registration ends Friday 1/12.