Body Fat Testing: Next Steps

In case you missed it, we will be hosting a hydrostatic body fat testing truck here at FCF next Monday, January 29th! You can read more about it HERE.

You’re signed up, hooray! Now what?

  • Note the re-test date: Monday April 2nd.
  • Pack your swim suit, towel, and clothes (for changing after) to bring with you.
  • Show up at least 5-10 minutes before your appointment time to allow for changing into your swim suit. Our bathrooms and changing rooms will be available.
  • The water is kept warm and filtered, however, it is recommended you go into the tank clean. If you workout prior to getting your test done, please take a shower before taking your test. Our shower is available for you to use however on a first come first serve basis – it is not guaranteed you’ll be able to use it before your test.
  • Do not eat a big meal 2 hours prior to testing.
  • What will happen during your appointment? Your name, age, weight, and height will be taken before you get into the water tank. Please watch the two videos below.

Not signed up yet? Review sign up instructions below!

Please note: You are only available to sign up through: desktop and mobile website (NOT the app)

  1. Log into your Zen Planner account.
  2. Click ‘Make an appointment‘ // please NOTE: enter the hydrostatic tub clean (aka before you workout, or take a shower after you workout)
  3. The test date is Monday 1/29. Select a test time, which is divided into 10 minute appointments.
  4. Then click “Reserve Appointment” and you will be charged $84.

This test is completely optional. You don’t need to have it done to participate in the challenge but if you’re already committed to participating then, why NOT get it done? We want to help you understand your relationship with food and learn new habits that you can maintain even after our challenge is over. Getting this test done will be an investment in yourself. Use it to keep yourself accountable during the challenge and let’s celebrate your victory after 8 weeks and beyond!

If you would like to sign up but you are not in town on Monday 1/29 OR you aren’t in town on our retest date (Monday April 2nd) please e-mail sheena@foundationcrossfit.com.

DEXA Bone Scans is a service that they provide as well and can be available for an additional $39 (this is not included in your $84 fee). You can have it done at the same time you sign up for a spot on 1/29 and you will submit additional payment at your test (cash or check).

If you have friends who would like to participate but are not members of the gym, they can still sign up to get the body fat test done. Just have them sign up through Zen Planner!