#19point2 Lowdown on the Throwdown


All Black Everything! Wear black from head to toe: shoes, socks, pants/shorts/tights, shirts/tanks, hoodies, hats, etc.


8:00am – Doors open & Prep Class
Be coached through a general then specific warmup to prepare you for whatever CGO 19.2 is. Cardio, mobility considerations, skills, and strategy. Attendees get dibs on choice of heat!

9:00am – Overview, Judging standards, Q&A, Group Photo
As a group we’ll go over the event execution, what the movement standards and judging protocols are, Questions & Answers about the workout, and time to warmup for everyone else.

9:30am – 1st Heat (priority to those who attended Prep Class). RSVP via ZenPlanner.

Please, for your safety and success, show up at least 30:00 beforehand to warmup and prepare your body for this workout.

Other Things
– It’s not too late to take the Judges course!
– Remember you can still earn the team points through continued participation in the workouts, by judging other athletes doing the workout, wearing FCF gear during your workout, bringing snacks to share with others, and by taking the Online Judges Course.
– Fridays are for practice and for those who can’t make Saturday. Saturday is the throwdown to earn way more points for the Wrap-Up Party.