Constant Variation

From 20.1’s Friday Night Lights

The CrossFit methodology is simple: constantly varied, functional movement executed at a relatively high intensity.

Today we’ll talk about the importance of variance. The basic understanding is that you exercise to achieve certain goals: it could be losing bodyweight, gaining strength, increasing flexibility, preparing for specific sport or activity, and execute activities of daily life without issue. To achieve these goals we need to understand what stimuli illicits the proper and favorable response. Rather than putting that responsiblity on you, we simply test you a handful of ways every day.

Each workout is meant to illicit a certain response: do you have cardio? Long-lasting stamina? Are you coordinated and flexible enough to do an overhead squat? How about 15 in a row? Which sets of combinations do you excel at? Which ones do you fail at? Phyiscally/mentally/emotionally- it all matters because we get to find the holes in your ‘fitness armor’… and guess what makes you more capable at taking life’s beatings?

Could you help me move a 400lbs couch this Saturday up four flights of stairs?

We want you to be able to say YES to life and that means not being picky about the multitude of ways you train. Many of you who are active enough (4-6x/week in or out of the gym) are probably exposed to a variation of physical challenges to truly change your body when coupled with solid nutrition and lifestyle habits. If not, don’t fret- we just have to be more realistic about your goals and expectations.

Show up when you like the workout. Show up when you don’t. Put in the effort and you’ll achieve more than you think!

CrossFit WOD for Monday 10/21

as many reps as possible in 20:00
5 chest-to-bar pullups
10 hand-release pushups
15 medicine ball cleans, 20/14/8lbs

Post total reps completed to whiteboard!


This week we 1-rep maxes in Powerlifting! Test out your back squat, bench, and possibly deadlift this week in classes. Olympic Weightlifting will find themselves testing snatch and clean & jerk doubles, while finding a rep-max of pretty high-percentage squats.

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