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“With the ever-increasing obesity and chronic disease epidemics, we clearly aren’t eating the right quantity or quality. And it’s so easy to see why. Processed food, which is calorically dense from carbohydrates and fat, is quite literally everywhere. At every checkout line, at every social event, holiday, or celebration, at concerts, hospitals, airports, gas stations, and even most office breakrooms are stocked with these calorically dense goodies. These foods comprise almost 60% of our caloric intake! Let me make this very clear: no one is overeating chicken breast, tofu, baby carrots or apples. No one. It’s the ice cream, french fries, chips, cookies, bread products, and alcoholic beverages where you don’t have to eat much to get too much quantity (calories) without quality (vitamins and minerals).”

— E.C. Synkowski, CrossFit OG and Optimize Nutrition creator.

We haven’t done a nutrition challenge as a gym in a while so let’s change that. This coming February we’ll be helping you build some good nutritional habits.

As the basis to reaching many of the goals created in the gym (overall health, changing body composition, losing weight, gaining muscle mass, performance, etc.) there’s no better time to build better understanding of how food affects you. We’re simply going to track our daily intake through commenting on this blog. One post per day for 30 days.

If you want to really make a big change for yourself, you can start practicing until our Nutrition Overview next Saturday. You should also consider getting your blood work (chemistry profile) done and/or a body-fat test. We’re in contact with a mobile DEXA truck to come to FCF if you’re interested. No other type of body-fat measurement other than hydrostatic weighing is acceptable because nothing else is as true.


  • Saturday 2/1/2020, 12pm – Nutrition Overview and Challenge Overview
  • Monday 2/3/2020 to 3/1/2020 – Nutrition Challenge
    • Journaling daily on the blog for accountability, encouragement, and discipline.
  • Saturday 2/22/2020 – Instant Potluck

CrossFit WOD for Friday 1/24/2020

for time:
30 clean & jerks, 61/43/29kg
30 muscle-ups
30 snatches, 61/43/29kg

18:00 time cap. Share time to whiteboard. Post-workout should include some shoulder restoration like Xiao-Peng Forwards and kettlebell arm bars.

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