Monday 7/27

Schedule addition! We’ll be adding another morning session on MWF so the calendar adjusts a little bit:
– 5am CompEx (was previously at 5:15am)
– 6:30am CompEx *NEW*

then the regularly-scheduled 8am Guided Training, etc.

CONDITIONING for Monday 7/27/2020

“What’s life without a little risk?” – Sirius Black

Tabata plank jacks, straight into
Tabata crunches, then

3 rounds for time:
18 v-ups
15 goblet squats
12 alternating devil’s press
9 pushups
400m run

Cooldown with

1:00 straddle center
1:00/side straddle
1:00 seal stretch
1:00/side doorway stretch

Use a medium weight (kb, db, household object, weighted backpack). Try to push it on the run portion at a speed faster than your normal jog and use the other movements as opportunities to bring the heart rate down from the run.

2:00 of high knees can substitute for running, and a devil’s press can be modified to a burpee + thruster with weighted backpack.

Post results to comments!

Pullup Strength Ladder (Week 5 of 12): EMOM x4 do 1-2-1 pullups