Sunday 7/26

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CONDITIONING for Sunday 7/26/2020

The Somewhat Strange Parentals


Today is a light day so athletes can enjoy the day. Take the runs easy and push during the movement portion.


  • 4 x 10 Leg Swings
  • 20 Air Squats, nose breathing only
  • 10 Lunges/leg, nose breathing only
  • 3min DROM


  • 1 Block run – starting with 20 Double Rock Launchers
  • 1 Block run – starting with 100m sprint
  • 1 Block run – starting with 1:00 squat hold
  • 1 Block run – starting with 100m lunges

Indoor: Sub out the Run for 2:30 of any cardio. Sub the Sprint for 0:15 sprint of that cardio movement.


  • 1:00 Pigeon/side
  • 1:00 Sitting Quad Stretch/side
  • 1:00 Elevated Single Leg Hip Flexor/side

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