Indoor Mask Mandate

Governor Inslee announced that our state needs to move back to masks in indoor spaces to protect each other and keep case counts down. This mandate goes into effect on Monday 8/23/2021.

Fortunately for us

1.) We are a membership-based business and our facilities aren’t open to the public.
2.) We require full-vaccination to join the gym.

Foundation remains diligent in protecting our community. This means:

• We will remain a 100% vaccinated gym.
• We will continue to encourage athletes to wear masks.
• We will continue to encourage social distancing.

If you’re not feeling well, stay home, rest, and get a COVID test. Notify us and we’ll help with membership questions.

If you’ve recently traveled keep our community safe and get a negative COVID test before returning to our space.

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  1. Michael H.
    Michael H. says:

    What do you mean by “encourage social distancing”? Have you gone back to assigned stations? If you’re sticking with the group workout as it was since last month, with partnering on bars and closer contact, I’m not really comfortable with that currently. Vaccinated or not the delta variant can still be spread and cause illness in close contact. I understand if you’re reluctant to go back to the assigned stations, and perhaps most of your members aren’t as risk adverse or concerned, but good to know for sure.

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