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Have a great holiday weekend- stay hydrated and wear sunblock! We will be running a Holiday Schedule this coming Monday so be aware if you’re planning to workout.

WORKOUT for Friday 9/2/2022


for time:
100 hang power snatch
100 push press
100 sumo deadlift high pull
100 front squats

Rx = 15/20/30kg. Post times to whiteboard.

ENGINE for Fri 9/2

5 rounds x 2:30 on, 2:30 off

6 DB burpee box step-overs
10 pausing dips
max calorie row


every :30 do 10-15 power kettlebell swings for 6:00

3-4 rounds:
20 weighted hip extensions
5 seated box jumps

3×20 RDL
3×20 Sumo RDL
3×20 Dimel deadlift

GYMNASTICS for Fri 9/2

every minute for 12:00
– 5 tempo negative SHSPU
– 6 depth jumps/senders

4 rounds of 20 tuck to pike compression + 14 weighted twists + 8 alternating dead bugs

This Saturday marks the RETURN OF PARTNER WORKOUTS!

Everyone has been very careful and respectful sharing equipment so we’re going to do Partner Workouts on Saturdays again. As always, we’ll have a “solo” offering too, if you prefer to do a one-person version of the workout.

WORKOUT for Friday 10/8/2021

wall walks and still rings


for time:
100 hang power snatch, 20/35kg
100 push press, 20/35kg
100 sumo deadlift high pull, 20/35kg
100 front squat, 20/35kg

Retesting Wednesday 8/18/2021. Post time to journals!

IIRC many of mentioned how tough this workout was without having a plan- going in with big, even sets in the beginning might seem like the right strategy- just remember that this workout is long and volume is high so you’re going to need to pace your power output so you don’t fail any reps. You’re going to take breaks but be disciplined and keep them short and frequent.

Last time we also sumo deadlifted prior to the workout which may have drained the posterior. Since we’re not doing it this time you will hopefully have more pop for longer.


WORKOUT for Wednesday 8/18/2021

establish a 5RM sumo deadlift, then


for time:
100 hang power snatches
100 push press
100 sumo deadlift high pull
100 front squats

Rx = 20/29kg and should take around 30 minutes to complete. Post time to whiteboard!

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CONDITIONING for Tuesday 1/26/2021


3 total rotations (or about 10:00) of :30 work, :10 rest
– deficit reverse lunge
– bumper ground-to-overhead
– Russian twist
– bumper-facing burpee
– calf raise


a. Pullup Ladder: EMOM do 1-2-1 reps x4 rounds, as strict as possible.

b. every 90 seconds do 3 thrusters (ascending in weight) x 8 sets. Max L-sit in between sets if you want a challenge.


100 reps each, for time:
– hang power snatches, 30/20/PVC
– push presses, 30/20/PVC
– sumo deadlift high pulls, 30/20/PVC
– front squats, 30/20/PVC

Choose a weight that is appropriately light and plan to break each exercise into multiple sets. Like with her cousin ANGIE, the goal for ANDI is TIME, so take short breaks that allow continuous movement. Don’t write-off the PVC, especially if you haven’t been in the overhead shape for some time.

REMINDER: We moved the journals to the back, before your enter the cubby area. Athletes can ask coaches to grab their journals for recording.


Each a minute, doing all on the left side before the right: Quad stretch/roll, glute stretch/roll, lat stretch/roll, tricep stretch/roll

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