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WORKOUT for Monday 8/15/2022

establish a 20RM back squat (shoot for about 55% of your 1RM) then


AMRAP in 3:00
3 power cleans, 29/43/61kg
6 pushups
9 air squats

Rest 1:00. Repeat for 5 total rounds. Score = Each of the full rounds completed for all five rounds (ex 22333). Compare to 2/25/2020. Post scores to whiteboard!


This week marks the first of six weeks where we will do a 20-rep back (or front) squat in Monday S&C classes. Your goal is consistency of depth and timing, adding 2-5kg each week and *never* failing a set.

Week 7 we will deload then on Week 8 we will test a 1RM in class.

Read more about it here.

WORKOUT for Monday 8/15/2022

establish a back squat 20RM then

30-20-10 reps for time:
double dumbbell hang snatch
(chest-to-bar) pullups

Post barbell loading, times, and weights used to whiteboard.