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WORKOUT for Friday 7/22/2022

every minute on the minute for 40 minutes:
a. 25 (UB) double unders
b. 20 box jump over
c. 15 perfectly-vertical kettlebell swings, 12/16/24kg
d. 10 dumbbell split jerks, 2×20/35/50lbs
e. 5+ bar muscle-ups

Post results to whiteboard!

Gymnastics for 7/22

Crawling, back bends, and bar skills like the underbars above

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MURPH is coming this Memorial Day and we’ll be running a special holiday schedule. Click here to learn more about how we’re handling it this year.

WORKOUT for Friday 5/21/2021


Until told otherwise rotate between:
5 wide-grip pullups
10 close-grip pushups
20 light goblet squats
250m NO-LEG row
50 running jump rope


every 2 minutes on the minute for 40 minutes:
a. 20 calorie row
b. 40 box jumps, 4/8/12”
c. 80 double unders
d. Some muscle-ups
e. 2 sets of the deadlift + clean + jerk complex

Goal is to finish each interval as quickly as possible. Post heaviest barbell load to whiteboard!

WATCH: Here’s the PairUP ThrowDOWN event for this year. Did anyone sign up? We can make time for the workout in-gym this weekend if so.

Although designed not to bounce, our goal in slam ball is to throw the ball down so powerfully you can catch the ball off of the tiny bounce it produces IF you keep your hands low to the ground.

IN-GYM WORKOUT for Thursday 3/11/2021

a. Pre-Workout

Early: row

Grab a band, then
1:00 band high pulls (or SDHP)
1:00 band dislocates (or dislocates in squat)
1:00 band pull aparts (palms up)
1:00 band protraction pushups
1:00 band bicep curls

then PULLUP LADDER of E2MOMx3 do 1-2-3-2-1 reps. Finish with one round of the Burgener Warmup to prepare for the hang power clean.

b. Workout

every minute on the minute for 40 minutes
– 15 hang power cleans
– 15 kettlebells
– 15 burpees
– 15 t2b
– 15 calorie row (50 double unders if you have a jump rope!)

The goal is finish each set with some time left to rest. If 15 is too much, scale to 12. If 12 is too much bring the reps to 9. Work smart and push the pace so we can work on your movement stamina.

c. Post-Workout

2:00 sink stretch then 2:00 straddle stretch

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Not only do we have Daylight Savings taking an hour away, but we’ll begin a testing phase with the CGO beginning this weekend. Regardless of how you feel of the organization the past year we’re going to take the workout and simply use them in programming, specifically on Saturdays for the next three weeks. Classes will also feature a handful of tests that allow us to aim our programming and guide you to increasing your fitness.

If you want to play along you still have a chance to register under Foundation. This will be my 11th year participating. This should be a nice spark to kickstart some training commitment for many, myself included.

See you Saturday where we will test out one-hour classes. RSVP via PushPress!