[Septa Unella yelling SHAME!]

Well we still have a long one today where you have to work hard to earn rest.


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CrossFit WOD for Champagne Friday 1/31/2020

complete one round every 2:00 for 30:00
21 (jumping) squats
15 (rolling) v-ups
9 (target) burpees
(3/2/1 handstand pushups)

Everything in parentheses is an optional challenge to those who usually Rx workouts. Only do what you can complete fully.

Share rounds completed to whiteboard. Post-workout is working on SLIPS like this.

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In most sports and activities coaches should have developed short and concise cues with their athletes as specific reminders to execute when needed.


One that gets some eye roll for some reason in the Olympic Weightlifting community is “REACH!” as it’s not as specific with direction or what the athlete should be activating.

We’d prefer a cue like “push back” if lacking upper back activation, “head through” if missing alignment, or “keep pushing” if arms or shoulders looked weak.

What do you think of when locking out overhead?

CrossFit WOD for Thursday 1/9/2020

EMOM power snatch + OHS/snatch balance
0:00-3:00 use 70% of max power snatch
4:00-7:00 use 75% of max power snatch
8:00-12:00 use 80% of max power snatch

the 10:00 to establish a heavy back/front/overhead squat.

Share loading to whiteboard. Post-workout should be banded back extensions and Pigeon supersets.

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