Who Purposefully Skipped Yesterday?

[Septa Unella yelling SHAME!]

Well we still have a long one today where you have to work hard to earn rest.


TOMORROW: Nutrition 101 and Nutrition Challenge Q&A at 12pm!

CrossFit WOD for Champagne Friday 1/31/2020

complete one round every 2:00 for 30:00
21 (jumping) squats
15 (rolling) v-ups
9 (target) burpees
(3/2/1 handstand pushups)

Everything in parentheses is an optional challenge to those who usually Rx workouts. Only do what you can complete fully.

Share rounds completed to whiteboard. Post-workout is working on SLIPS like this.

READ: https://feedingthefrasers.com
WATCH: How Mat Fraser Eats for Four – NIKE