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WORKOUT for Monday 7/18/2022

for time:
15 clean & jerks, 32/47/70kg
30 burpee-over-bar
45 wall ball, 8/14/20lbs to 9/9/10′
60 ab-mat situps
120 double unders
2:00 rest
(Repeat in reverse)

Post times to whiteboard!

WATCH: Especially after our discussion before and after the rope climb workout

Shoulders stay forward of the barbell until the bar reaches mid-thigh!

IN-GYM WORKOUT for Wednesday 4/14/2021


Row 1:00 at each of the following stroke rates (for a total of 4 minutes): 18, 24, 30, 36

then Junk Yard Dog warmup followed by 50 slam ball or pullups or hang clean with medicine ball


AMRAP in 10:00
10 pullups
20 pushups
30 slam ball

rest then

AMRAP in 10:00
10 snatch, 15/24/35kg
20 pogo burpees

Post both scores (total reps) to whiteboard.

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Leta & Sarah

Sarah, when NOT pregnant.

Sarah’s Goals
Eat to fuel my body well, maintain a lean-ish composition, but not so strict that I cannot enjoy some alcohol or treat occasionally.

Sarah’s Nutrition
I’d say my nutrition is most similar to the paleo/ancestral protocol. Lots of veggies, eggs, healthy fats, some fruit and enough protein. Not a crazy amount of carbs. A little dairy. Grains like rice and quinoa every once in a while. I avoid empty carbs like bread, cereal, chips.

I eat when hunger ensues naturally. Hunger varies depending on activity level, so I try to follow my body’s signals and eat accordingly. Typically eat breakfast an hour or so after waking up, lunch, and dinner. Perhaps a snack, if necessary.

Eggs and avocado for breakfast, maybe with a small bowl of fruit. Lunch is usually a big salad with protein or leftovers from dinner the night before. Dinner is pretty simple: an animal protein, a giant salad and some veggies.

How much do I usually eat? Enough!

Sarah’s Favorite Foods
Eggs. Brisket. Wine. Instant pot soups and stews. Here’s one to try!  

Sarah’s Kryptonite
Donuts and sour gummy candies. Sour straw bites are my favorite. It’s a problem! Limit myself to special occasions or weekends. I know they do not align with my goals and I feel better without them.

Sarah’s Hydration and Sleep
Definitely not enough water! I have a really hard time remembering to drink enough. I typically sleep from 10pm-7am. Like a rock. 

How Sarah Thinks About Food, Health, and Training
I can quickly see improvements in my body composition and workout performance when I limit sugar, alcohol and garbage snacks. Thus, it reaffirms that nutrition plays a large role in my overall health. 

Sarah, when pregnant. (oh PS, she’s pregnant y’all!)

Sarah’s Newer Goals
I’ve in to some cravings, but not all of them 😉 I also know that what I am eating doesn’t have a huge impact on my body composition, I am going to gain weight regardless!

Sarah’s Pregnancy Nutrition
Similarly to when I am not pregnant, I try to eat a lot of veggies (which can be a challenge at times) and enough protein. However, I eat a lot more carbs. So you’ll find cereal, bagels and bread in our kitchen, where typically those things aren’t around. I also want to make sure I include food groups like legumes and dairy, for a variety of nutrients and exposure. 

Obviously I’m avoiding alcohol… and not as much caffeine :/

When I am hungry. Which feels often right now…lots of small snacks. Always carrying Larabars or Epic bars with me. When I am hungry at 10pm, I’ll eat some cereal. 

Usually eggs and toast/cereal for breakfast. Mid-morning snack on the go. Soup or sandwich for lunch. Afternoon snack is usually an apple. Dinner is a palm size amount of protein, plus a couple bites more. Big salad. Veggies. Snack before bed if I am hungry. 

Sarah’s Favorite Pregnancy Foods
Honey Nut Cheerios. Cheese and pickle sandwiches.

Still not enough water. If anyone has any ideas on how I can improve this, please share them with me! Sleep is 10pm-7am, but I wake up to use the bathroom sometime around 2-4am and it can be hard for me to fall back asleep.

Sarah’s Thoughts on Food and Pregnancy and Training
Well, I learned from my first pregnancy that I’m going to accumulate a lot of body fat during this time, which is healthy and normal, so being super strict with my diet isn’t for me. I want to eat a variety of whole foods to support a growing fetus, yet also enjoy a relaxed perspective on nutrition.

I have many years ahead of me to be cognizant of body composition and athletic performance!

Tony and Ryan aka “Moonboots”
Nathan and Kelsi
Ron and Miles
Scott and Dave

CrossFit WOD for Friday 2/7/2020

bench press 5-5-5-5-5, then

21-15-9 reps for time:
dumbbell hang squat clean, 2×50/35/20lbs
strict pullups
deficit pushups

Share time to whiteboard! Post-workout should be a chest stretch against a wall for 1:00/side.

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VERSUS throwdown

Just kidding, you’re more or less the same as you were last week! BUT that doesn’t mean you can’t build better training, nutrition, and recovery habits to truly change for the better. Shout out to those practicing better nutrition habits, to those getting more sleep, and to those who are showing up and training properly.


Costco Price Labels Perfectly Expose the Absurdity of Seattle’s New Sugary Drink Tax – The Blaze
– The new Olympic Weightlifting and Powerlifting programs begin today. You have until the end of the week to try a class or more, but you must be registered by Friday to continue it forward for the next 7 weeks.
– We have one more Community CrossFit class, free and open to the public, next Saturday at Noon. Sign up at this link and share it with anyone you might think is interested in trying a workout!
– Look at the sidebar to the right for more important dates coming your way. Mark you calendars now.

CrossFit WOD for Monday 1/8

establish a heavy 5-rep back squat in 12 minutes, then

EMOM for 20 minutes:
10 wall ball, 20/14#
10 burpees

Scale these two exercises up or down as you need to to complete them with to achieve :45 work/:15 rest, ideally in full sets.

Post name to whiteboard!

Strength Ladder


Olympic Weightlifting WOD – Week 1 Day 1

high pull + hang power snatch + snatch 60-75%, back squats, accessories

Powerlifting WOD – Week 1, Day 1

back squats, front squats, single-leg RDLs/glute-ham raises, box jumps

We will have two tracks for athletes: a linear program for novice and intermediate/advanced athletes, and the varied Conjugate Method program, which will be posted here on the blog.

Kettlebell WOD

movement patterns

Simple & Sinister

accessory work: shoulder love & abs!

Circuit Training
clean, left :30 seconds work/:0 off
clean, right :30 seconds work/:0 off
press, left :30 seconds work/:0 off
press, right :30 seconds work/:45 sec rest
repeat 3x