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Here’s a recap of how Crystal, Andrew, and Johnrey did this past weekend at the LOFT SPRING FLING weightlifting meet:

This was Crystal’s first meet and while she’s used to being on stage as a stand-up, she was a bit nervous getting on stage to lift. She over-powered her first two snatches, then eked out her last snatch BUT she dropped it early because she didn’t think her technique was on point. What she didn’t remember is that these weightlifting meets aren’t based on the merits of your technique. These are based on work! Did you get the bar from the ground to overhead without pressing out? The judges gave it to her and so now she was on the board. Next up were her clean & jerks and she wrecked all three of them, no problem. Solid timing upward, great setting, then big punches and solid landings. A lot of the nervous stress had left at that point, leaving her to get the job done like she’s done many times training at Foundation CrossFit. Her first meet was done.

Then the dudes were next and this wasn’t their first rodeo. Unsurprising there was still a little nervousness involved. I did my best to mitigate the made-up tension there. We had Andrew come out and then HE DID THE SAME as Crystal and over-powered his first snatch. Instead of up, he pushed back. He adjusted then got his second to get on the board. Unfortunately he slightly kicked the bar outward for his last snatch and couldn’t hold it. Johnrey was next and he felt like he was missing out on the fun that Crystal and Andrew had- so he decided to lose the bar back over his head too! Later in the back we made a pact to never do that again. John still had to get a score on the board and he almost lost his second snatch backward, but he took a step back to save it and stood up to control. Bam. Had a good chase on the third, but couldn’t save it. Finally the guys had their clean & jerks left. Like Crystal before them, they’re both really efficient at these. Andrew missed his last jerk by pushing it away, even though the lockout was fast. Johnrey was challenged in the receiving position of the jerks. He missed his last clean as trajectory was off.

All in all, what a great time! CrossFit Loft did a great job with hosting their first weightlifting meet. Some hiccups along the way, but the competition finished in a nice amount of time. We ate at Ma’ono after! Big shout out to Paul S for coming out to watch.

So next time you see them tell them how proud you are!

THIS WEEK: Get ready for another quadruple, the start of a TUESDAY back squat cycle (linear), overhead squat/snatch balance/hang (squat) snatch and technique development, BARBARA, JACK, walking lunges, and the brand new MMMOKAYBRO complex.


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CrossFit WOD for Monday 5/14

25-minutes, as many reps as possible:
20-calorie row
15 swinging high-pull
10 kettlebell clean & jerk, 24/16kg
5 handstand pushups

Post score to whiteboard!

Olympic Weightlifting WOD – Week 2/3, Day 1/3

HANG SNATCH 80/3 (3)
SNATCH PULL 105/3 (3)

box jump + depth drop 5×3
GHDSU 3×12
barbell bicep curl 4×25
bonus: band hammer curl 2x burnout

Powerlifting WOD – W2/3, D1/3


dips 5×12
chinups 5×10
bicep opener complex 5×5
bonus: band hammer curl 2x burnout

Kettlebell WOD

Week 11 Deadlift 3×5, then

“21”: goblet squats + double kb push press