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HBD Scott!

Another day, another birthday workout request! This time it includes some high-level skills!

As usual, we want everyone to come to class and we can modify movements, loading, skill work individually.

Just remember!

CrossFit WOD for Thursday 3/5/2020

for time:
40 burpee box jump overs, 24/20/16″
40 pullups 
40 alternating single leg squats
40 wall ball, 30/20/14lbs

Each round ends with a 25′ handstand walk/bear crawls. Share time to whiteboard! Post-workout will be some wrist extension recovery work.

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Which means more the teams nutrition takes!

Post-Holidays Party is TOMORROW from 6:15pm to 8:30pm at Rhein Haus on 12th! We’ll have a private bar and three bocce ball courts so study the rules and be prepared to be competitive as usual.

Scott doing some dumbbell step-ups

Scott’s Goals
To have a healthy body and sustain muscle growth by eating the healthy diet humans were meant to eat while not supporting animal torture and environmental destruction.

Scott’s Food Choices
All plant based foods! Eat more veggies! Avoiding all animal products, protein isolates, and I try to avoid things that come in wrappers and things that I can’t pronounce. Read the ingredient labels! I’m into any tasty food. Seriously, go explore new food, there’s so much good food. Always trying something new.

CHOCOLATE is the kryptonite! If it’s in the house I’ll eat it so I usually don’t buy it.

Normal daily calorie consumption is 2,300-2,800, gain phase is 3,000-3,500

Scott’s Daily Meals, Hydration, and Sleep
Breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, 2nd afternoon snack, snack while coaching, dinner, post dinner snack.

Non-workout days are 60-80oz of water. Workout days are 100-120oz of water. I rarely drink anything that’s not water – don’t put that sugary shit in your body! Sleep is between 4-8 hrs depending on the lifeeeee.

Scott’s Take on Nutrition
As they say, you are what you eat. Nutrition, in my honest opinion, is 60% of health and fitness. If you workout but eat like crap, you’ll look and feel like crap. If you don’t workout but eat well you’ll probably look and feel great. After going Vegan, I have more energy, gain more muscle, have lower recovery time, and just all around feel better. Additionally, after going Vegan it meant I stopped eating dead food and started eating mostly live foods. Dead food is terrible for our stomachs, not nutritionally dense, and reduces our gut flora while live foods are amazing for us, nutritionally dense, and replenish our gut flora. I poop great, you probably don’t 


Which also means I have healthy gut flora and a healthy colon, something you’ve probably never even thought about.

Dave snatching 100lbs dumbbells at a competition

Dave’s Goals
Eat enough to maintain performance based goals by eating quality, nutrient-dense, ethically-treated foods.

Dave’s Usual Meal Choices
At 4:30am I have a big breakfast 4 eggs, almond/jelly sandwich, fruit.  Lunch is anywhere between 11am and 1pm where I might have leftover smorgasbord plus greens. Around 6:30pm will be a nice dinner of protein (chicken, pork, fish), grain (rice, quinoa), veggies (potato, squash, broccoli, kale, salad greens). I avoid processed junk foods, fast foods, prepackaged meals. Plus snacks, chocolate.

My favorite night is Taco night!

Dave’s Hydration
Try to drink 1 gallon, usually 3qts

Dave’s Sleep
6 hours on work days, 8 hours weekends.

Dave’s Kryptonite and How to Deal With It
Tim’s Cascade potato chips! First off, don’t buy them, but also stop stressing about it. You are not getting fat if you slip, in fact it’s good for the brain and stress levels to enjoy something you shouldn’t. Sometimes.

Dave’s Thoughts on Nutrition, Health, and Training
I look at training first. I need to eat to train. If my body and mind are telling me I’m hungry and wanting and that hamburger/lasagna/extra slice of cheese/extra round, I do it with little concern for my health.

However I think the potential health benefits of being positive about yourself and your body image, looking at food as an enjoyable experience and being okay at a sub-maximal body/weight can’t be ignored.  I think happiness overall is primary.  Instead of some arbitrary body composition of what health or beauty is, or our societal pressures of what you should look like, just be you.

Train and feed the beast when it’s hungry with ideally sustainable, nutrient dense ethically sourced foods.

Tony and Ryan aka “Moonboots”
Nathan and Kelsi
Ron and Miles

CrossFit WOD for Thursday 2/6/2020

4 rounds for time:
10 deadlifts, 110/70kg
10 box jumps, 32/24/20″
400m run (or 100 double unders)

Share time to whiteboard! Post workout is 20 Scorpions any which way then foam roll the lower back, glutes, and calfs. Spend a minute on the bike to flush out metabolic waste in the posterior after.

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Ready to catch one of these last weekends of sun?!

CrossFit WOD for Friday, September 6th

for time:
30 hang power cleans, 70/48kg
50 wall ball, 20/14lbs
800m run
50 wall ball, 20/14lbs
30 hang power cleans, 70/48kg

Post time to whiteboard!

+ CPR/AED Training at FCF 9/28
+ Wednesday Run Club Ends in September. Should we bring back Kettlebell class, Gymnastics class, or both?

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WATCH: Tricep “Smash”/Self-Myofascial Release – FCF YouTube

Mobility Class tonight at 6:30pm!

CrossFit WOD for Tuesday, August 13th

5 rounds for max score:
max unbroken bench press, 80/46kg
max unbroken toes-to-bar

Score equals total bench press reps over total toes-to-bars. Post score to whiteboard.

CompEx WOD includes Clean and Jerk progressions, ISABEL, and single-leg work. Come get your competitive exercise on starting at 5:50am!


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+ Tia-Claire Toomey’s Clean Technique – CrossFit Games

Lauren, Stacey, Michael, and Scott: Team Foundation CrossFit (S) at the 2017 Battle at the Ballpark


+ Banded Shoulder Sevens – The Movement Fix

CrossFit WOD for Thursday 7/13

10:00 handstands, then

AMRAP in 12 minutes:
9 double kettlebell deadlifts, 2×24/16kg
6 burpees
3 double kettlebell cleans, 2×24/16kg

Fitness = single kettlebell or double dumbbells. Performance = 2×32/20kg kettlebells.

Post completed reps to whiteboard / comments!

HellaFit WOD

Our take on bootcamp workouts, this class challenges you for the entire hour with a blend of strength and conditioning that works all the major muscle groups and focuses on functional movement. HellaFit will get you #hellasweaty while having #hellafun!

Endurance WOD

Long Interval: 5x 1200m run, with 3 to 4 minute rests between efforts.