Crystal and Ali doing a tandem deadlift at the 2017 RCF Games


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CrossFit WOD for Tuesday 8/22

for time:
21 deadlifts
42 hand-release pushups
15 deadlifts
30 hand-release pushups
9 deadlifts
18 hand-release pushups

Rx = 102/70kg, Fitness = 70/50kg, Performance = 125/87kg

Post time to whiteboard!

HellaFit WOD

Our take on bootcamp workouts, this class challenges you for the entire hour with a blend of strength and conditioning that works all the major muscle groups and focuses on functional movement. HellaFit will get you #hellasweaty while having #hellafun!

Gymnastics Strength WOD

handstands, headstands, and hanging

CompEx WOD

21-15-9 rft:
calories on assault bike
calories on rower

21-18-15-12 rft:
odd-object cleans
* do 3/1 muscle-ups between each round

4 rft:
15 k2e
5 push jerks, 80/55kg


Rest 5 minutes between each workout.

Endurance WOD

Short Interval: Run 4 x 100, 2 x 200, 1 x 400, 2 x 200, 4 x 100. Rest as needed between efforts.