Fixation refers to a loaded position in which an athlete needs to hold an object: this could be a barbell in the snatch (bottom of the overhead squat, standing full-extension), or like today with the kettlebells.



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CrossFit WOD for Wednesday 5/3

In pairs, work up to a heavy deadlift, then

In pairs with each person working with a kettlebell, for time:
200 kettlebell deadlifts / hold in hang
150 kettlebell cleans / hold in rack
100 kettlebell push presses / hold the top

Post time to whiteboard!


On a running 30min clock
10 Dbl KB Deadlifts
-Rest 30s-
10 Dbl KB Front Rack Lunge
-Rest 30s-
10 Dbl KB Box Step Ups
-Rest 30s-
10 Dbl KB Front Rack Squats
-Rest 30s-
10 Dbl KB Push Press
-Rest 30s-
10 Dbl KB Bent Row
-Rest 30s-