Day 6: Ten Thousand

Last night was our annual Post-Holidays Party and the turnout was fantastic!

Tony & Andrew

A big thank you goes out not to just those who came out last night, but to every person who has come into our space to make it the place it is.

CrossFit WOD for Hangover Saturday 2/8/2020

10k row (or run) for time

Share time to whiteboard! Post-workout should be some Super Pigeon and some scorpions to wring out that back.

READ: I Spent Half My Life on Antidepressants and Today I’m Off the Medication and Feel All Right – Washington Post

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  1. Miles S
    Miles S says:

    Fun fact: the author of that article you posted, Brooke, was a member with us for a few months 🙂 Glad to see her life is turning up!

    Friday, February 7

    12 PM – asian noodle chicken salad, 2 chocolate chip cookies, 1/2 apple

    3 PM – energy bar, CLIF-esque (high fat/protein)

    6 PM – turkey greenbean stir fry with cauliflower rice

    8 PM – Reinhaus beet salad, chicapea salad, bratwurst and bologna, pretzels

    12 AM – Jack in the box chicken sandwich (OOPS)

  2. David
    David says:

    Day 5
    Rest day 2
    – immediately woke up and chugged qt h2o
    4 eggs, pancakes, babyfood, macchiato
    cleaned out fridge of leftovers
    dinner at mother in law home, green beans, chicken, mashers, wife’s awesome carrot cake cupcake with frosting.

  3. Sarah H
    Sarah H says:

    Saturday 2/8: food poisoning recovery day
    More detailed journal on MyFitnessPal. @sarahbr11
    (6am CrossFit)
    10am: gummy bears 100 kcal
    12pm: banana date shake from juicebox 400 kcal
    3:30pm: more gummy bears. Real food is still hard 400 kcal
    8pm: attempted to have packaged ramen noodles. Stomach was not having it. 0 kcal
    9:30pm: chocolate bar 380 kcal

    Daily total: 1280 kcal

  4. Kelsi
    Kelsi says:

    8am compex + water

    11am: breakfast bowl with chorizo at Barrio, coffee, water

    3pm: homemade meatless meatloaf. New batch for the week!

    5pm: protein powder

    6:30 dinner: 2 eggs, 2ish cups of red pepper soup

  5. Coach Sarah
    Coach Sarah says:

    Saturday 2/8
    Coffee w/cream
    Small bowl of Cheerios & 3/4 banana before CompEx
    B: eggs & avocado
    Apple, la croix
    L: leftover Thai
    Coffee w/cream
    Handful of kettle chips, couple slices of cheese, la croix
    D: chicken, cauliflower rice, big salad, avocado
    Vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce

  6. Andrew S
    Andrew S says:

    Sunday Feb 9

    Not the healthiest of days, mostly just clearing out stuff in the pantry

    Breakfast: Quest bar, peanuts
    Lunch: Cottage cheese, peanuts
    Dinner: Kimchi fried rice
    Night: Casein, peanuts

  7. Andrew
    Andrew says:

    My Saturday 2/8

    6:30am wake

    8am Starbucks sausage, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwich, 8oz White Velvet latte from Espresso Vivace, 5g creatine w/ beta alanine

    9am Weightlifting Meet
    – 32oz water w/ creatine supp
    – 32oz water with pre-workout supp
    – 87/110/199kg total, 135.77 ROBI

    11:30am espresso, cookies

    12pm 32oz water with protein supp

    5pm 6oz tuna w/ 2 tbsp avocado mayo, 2 slices DKB toast

    8pm 2 12oz Ginger Ale Zevias, a whole bag of Chili Cheese Fritos

    10pm casein protein pudding (5oz milk, 1 scoop Ascent vanilla casein protein, 1 scoop Vital Proteins collagen powder, cinnamon)

    11pm sleep

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