Hostess Saturday

Join us at 10am for Mots of Muscle leading a HIIT class on Instagram!

SESSION for Saturday 5/16/2020


15:00 of easy-medium intensity
400m run or running movement patterns*
10 squats- vary style every round
10 situps- vary style every round
10 good mornings- vary style every round


5 rounds for time:
20 dips
20 (elevated) pushups
20 situps
20 straddle ups


Stretch what’s tight then treat yourself to something quiet and relaxing: epson salt bath, meditation, ice cream, laying out in the sun. Unplug and enjoy some time away from tech.

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WATCH: Yesterday’s LIVE workout: 10 swings + 10 thrusters AMRAP in 10:00

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  1. Sandi Philippen
    Sandi Philippen says:

    thx for the WOD! i ended up scaling to 3 rounds because….f*cking push-ups. miss you guys! xxoo! pants

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