Tuesday 6/30

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WORKOUT for Tuesday 6/30/2020

SCAR: “Life’s not fair, is it?”

EMOM 5:00 of 5 strict HSPU (or pike push-up), then

AMRAP 25:00
2:00 toe taps (Run around the block)
10 burpees
10 air squats

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2nd Serving: Need More Work?

2 rounds of a 20:00 run at 50-60% effort. Active rest (stretch or do some bodyweight movements) of 5:00 between. Cool down with an 800m jog.

Pullup Strength Ladder (Week 1 of 12):

EMOM x4 do 1-2-1

READ: You’re Showering Too Much – The Atlantic. I had asked our resident dermatologist about this and they said they more or less agree with the article. “WASH YOUR BITS” was the main take away.
WATCH: Taking B(l)ack Pride