Wednesday 7/1

And we’re open! Guided Training athletes are welcome to RSVP via Push Press and attend a session today.

Classes begin tomorrow.

STAMINA & CONDITIONING for Wednesday 7/1

CRUELLA DE VIL – “Oh yes, I love the smell of near-extinction!

EMOM for 10:00 do 10 medium-weight back squats (odd object, kettlebell, dumbbell, etc)

Try to add 1 additional back squat per interval!

then AMRAP in 10:10
25′ bear crawl
10 pushups
5 burpees

Rest 1:01 then 101 butterfly situps

Post results to comments!

Pullup Strength Ladder (Week 1 of 12)

EMOM x 4 do 1-2-1 reps

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