Sunday 3/28

Join us for YOGA with IVAN.MVMT at 10am on Zoom.

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AT-HOME RECOVERY for Sunday 3/28/2021

for 20 minutes at a conversational pace:
10m/30′ lateral shuffle, each direction
8 one-arm row/side
20 lateral step-overs
5 turkish situps/side

For the lateral shuffle just move around your space for no more than :15 then reverse the direction. I would load up a bag/backpack and you can use that for both the one-arm row AND turkish situp. Finally for the lateral step-over you can just use a chair if you don’t have a broom/pipe/stick/band you can setup. The goal is to challenge the control and flexibility of the hip actively so do what must be done.

Congrats to all of those who participated in the workouts of the past 3 weeks. We’ll be retesting these in over a month to see if we can make some improvements on the skills, stamina, and conditioning in regards to all these tested elements!

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