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WORKOUT for Monday 7/18/2022

for time:
15 clean & jerks, 32/47/70kg
30 burpee-over-bar
45 wall ball, 8/14/20lbs to 9/9/10′
60 ab-mat situps
120 double unders
2:00 rest
(Repeat in reverse)

Post times to whiteboard!

WATCH: Especially after our discussion before and after the rope climb workout

WORKOUT for Monday 4/25/2022

complete 100 dumbbell hang clean thrusters for time

Every minute you must complete 3/5 (c2b) pullups. Rx = 20/35/50lbs. Post time to whiteboard!


WORKOUT for Saturday 1/1/2021


AMRAP in 26 minutes:
150 double unders
50 (hand-release) pushups
15 DB power cleans, 2x 20/35/50lbs

Post score to whiteboard!


CONDITIONING for Tuesday 4/13/2021


every minute on the minute for 21 minutes​
– 21 (kettlebell) high pulls
– 14 (kettlebell-facing) burpees
– 14 (kettlebell) swings

Adjust the volume as needed depending on your equipment. Goal is to work just past the :30 mark of every minute, resting and catching your breath before the next minute’s exercises. Post results to comments!


Were you able to cycle your shoulder-to-overhead better with yesterday’s sprint sets?

CONDITIONING for Wednesday 3/31/2021


AMRAP in 25:00​
12 devil’s presses
24 dumbbell step-ups
12 pogo burpees

Suggested Rx: 2×50/35/20lbs dumbbells, 20″ box. Modify to alternating sides if you only have a single dumbbell or kettlebell, front lunges instead of step-ups if you don’t have access to a large step. Post results to comments/your journal!

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If you’ve been an FCF athlete for a couple of years now you may remember our PULLUP STRENGTH LADDER. We’ll do it with an added twist and treat it as an EMOM to make sure there’s adequate rest for recovery for you and to give coaches time to cue and correct movement. The plan is to run this twice, hopefully with you advancing a level at least once!

We’ll do this work in class on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. You can check in on the prescribed work on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays and do this on your own on with a swole mate. You can feel free to just drop into the gym in your street clothes and get this completed if you can’t do it elsewhere. Doors work well for pullups too!

Today’s work load: 3(1-2-1).

This means we’ll do 1 pullup, drop and shake it out, 2 pullups, drop, and then 1 pullup. Repeat for a total of 3 sets (0:00 is the first, 1:00 is the second, 2:00 is the third). Done.

CrossFit WOD for Monday 11/25

21-15-9 reps for time:
handstand pushups
hand-release pushups
ring dips

then every 2:00 for 10:00 do 3 hang cleans. Post time to whiteboard.

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WATCH: Look out for training shoe deals this weekend. Need help making a choice?


+ Strike-Mvmnt Pace Review – As Many Reviews As Possible
+ The Pace – Strike-Mvmnt

CrossFit WOD for Friday 3/16

CGO 18.4 Rx

21-15-9 reps of
deadlift, 102/70kg
handstand pushups


21 deadlifts, 143/93kg
50′ handstand walk
15 deadlifts, 143/93kg
50′ handstand walk
9 deadlifts, 143/93kg
50′ handstand walk

CGO 18.4 Scaled

21-15-9 reps of
deadlift, 61/43kg
hand-release pushups


21 deadlifts, 83/61kg
50′ bear crawl
15 deadlifts, 83/61kg
50′ bear crawl
9 deadlifts, 83/61kg
50′ bear crawl

9:00 cap for both parts. Post score/time to whiteboard.

Olympic Weightlifting WOD

hang clean + clean + jerk

Powerlifting WOD

back squat
power clean

Gymnastics Strength WOD

handstand pushup and handstand walking development

Kettlebell WOD

Simple & Sinister

Banded Sumo Deadlift 2×10 @ 50-55% of 1RM
– Focus is on speed with explosive hips
– Rest 30-45 seconds between sets

VERSUS throwdown

Just kidding, you’re more or less the same as you were last week! BUT that doesn’t mean you can’t build better training, nutrition, and recovery habits to truly change for the better. Shout out to those practicing better nutrition habits, to those getting more sleep, and to those who are showing up and training properly.


Costco Price Labels Perfectly Expose the Absurdity of Seattle’s New Sugary Drink Tax – The Blaze
– The new Olympic Weightlifting and Powerlifting programs begin today. You have until the end of the week to try a class or more, but you must be registered by Friday to continue it forward for the next 7 weeks.
– We have one more Community CrossFit class, free and open to the public, next Saturday at Noon. Sign up at this link and share it with anyone you might think is interested in trying a workout!
– Look at the sidebar to the right for more important dates coming your way. Mark you calendars now.

CrossFit WOD for Monday 1/8

establish a heavy 5-rep back squat in 12 minutes, then

EMOM for 20 minutes:
10 wall ball, 20/14#
10 burpees

Scale these two exercises up or down as you need to to complete them with to achieve :45 work/:15 rest, ideally in full sets.

Post name to whiteboard!

Strength Ladder


Olympic Weightlifting WOD – Week 1 Day 1

high pull + hang power snatch + snatch 60-75%, back squats, accessories

Powerlifting WOD – Week 1, Day 1

back squats, front squats, single-leg RDLs/glute-ham raises, box jumps

We will have two tracks for athletes: a linear program for novice and intermediate/advanced athletes, and the varied Conjugate Method program, which will be posted here on the blog.

Kettlebell WOD

movement patterns

Simple & Sinister

accessory work: shoulder love & abs!

Circuit Training
clean, left :30 seconds work/:0 off
clean, right :30 seconds work/:0 off
press, left :30 seconds work/:0 off
press, right :30 seconds work/:45 sec rest
repeat 3x


We’re beginning another eight-week PULLING STRENGTH* cycle. You can download the PDF from the link below so you can work on it at home or elsewhere too! I do invite everyone to feel free to come and do this at the gym even if you aren’t working out in class that day. Let’s see what kind of development we can get before the 2018 CrossFit Open is here in late February.

*Or pushing strength. Up to you, but I’d prefer we get your pulling strength up!


+ 8-Week Pull/Push Strength Ladder – Foundation CrossFit

CrossFit WOD for Monday 12/18

Gymnastics Strength class sample

– Seiza ankle complex, banded samson stretch


:45 on, :15 off for 4 rounds FOR QUALITY of the following:
– hollow (weighted hollow)
– false-grip hang (eagle-grip false-grip)
– arch (banded arch)
– bottom-of-dip (on rings)


– banded beat swing for tactile cue
– transfer skill to the rings
– hand position
– grip
– body shapes
– energy output and rhythm


3(1,2,1) pull/push

Kettlebell WOD

Abridged Primal Movement Warmup and Mobility

Rack and OH work

Shoulder and hip mobility

Swings, presses and squats.

I believe the tools we use to live our lives can improve how efficient we are and sometimes how much we enjoy doing those things. Read more about all the cool tools out there we can use in the fitness world.

Note: It doesn’t add to your price, but I may get a commission off of using some of these links.

Round 2. Let’s begin…


This should’ve been the first thing I wrote about (because it’s always the first thing I write about). The only real purchase to make (other than a gym membership) is for a dedicated pair of shoes for our type of work: running, jumping, lifting, gymnastics, etc. When you go bowling you wear bowling shoes. When you go bouldering you wear bouldering shoes. When you play basketball you wear basketball shoes. Following? People start coming in to CrossFit gyms and learning how to lift barbells. Then they go lifting in running shoes. See a disconnect here? We need footwear that fits our needs. The CrossFit community on Reddit have their agreements and disagreements about their importance.

Preferably we at FCF ask that people try to wear a lower-profile shoes. The powerlifting community was in love with the Converse Chuck Taylor for the longest time because they fit a certain need and criteria: flat, stable, durable, looks good, and accessible to most people. They don’t wear them as much now with the growth of weightlifting activities and specified shoes*. I bet you already have some shoes that fit that description: skate shoes (my preference before all these companies jumped onto the CrossFit train), Chuck Taylors (high, low, CT1, CT2), Adidas Sambas, Onitsuka Tigers, Inov-8s, Vibram Five Fingers, VIVOBAREFOOTs, New Balance MinimusAsics MetConvictions, etc.

* The issue of blowing shoes out is an issue when most powerlifters use a lot of external rotation of the hip. The strength of their external rotation is so strong that their foot on the pinky toe side would bust open from all the pressure exerted by the lifter.


In high school Sports Medicine I found that Johnson & Johnson’s athletic tape is the best athletic tape in the world. Or at least that’s why Mr. Peck instilled in me.

Goat Tape is becoming my new favorite premium athletic tape. Over the past year focusing on my olympic weightlifting this has become my preferred tape that I wrap my thumbs with. The stick of the tape is amazing.

We also sell a CrossFit-branded version at the gym!


Optimum Nutrition is the best quality + price + accessible protein on the planet IMO. I use other proteins too, but always come back to the Vanilla Ice Cream one. I see many athletes buy into Progenex, but really social media got those people- sponsored athletes always love their sponsors! In reality Progenex is some of the most overrated things on the market- I should know, I’ve inherited both Cocoon (their version of Casein + tryptophan) and More Muscle. Both super sweet (couldn’t do their recommended doses it feel like spoonfuls of sugar) and ineffective. I found that I went through it way too quickly- not a great note when you look at their prices.

For those lactose-intolerant folk you should look into Isolates. It’s not an end-all answer, but some people find they don’t have issues with this supplement because whey protein isolate undergoes another filtration process. The extra process removes the protein from fat, cholesterol and lactose meaning an end product of “purer protein”. It ends up a being a bit more expensive since you’re getting purer product. Still does the same job as the general whey proteins.

For those with hunger issues (or who have trouble keeping muscle on) try some Caesin protein an hour out from sleeping. For athletes who take their training seriously supplementing with Caesin can prevent heavy catabolism (breaking down of muscle tissue) when sleeping.


For me socks play an important part in my comfort. I’m on my feet all day and even if you love your shoes the right kind of sock can upgrade the experience and nullify those little annoyances you might find.

I go to REI frequently just to see what’s new on the market. Smart Wool makes some great performance products, as does Swiftwick. I avoid most “higher-tech” socks because those synthetics used feel like my foot still get sweaty (Strideline and Nike- I’m looking at you!)

That all being said my stance on socks is.. Stance! Starting as a straight skate brand, they’ve noticed that their combination of materials, fit, strategic reinforcements, and of course, their many awesome designs have become my go-to sock brand of choice. Available for men, women, kids, and BABIES! Best believe our little girl is rocking some Stance socks (thanks to Victor, Courtney, and Baby O!)

Not to mention they’re trying to get into the underwear game, but we’ll save my thoughts on that for another time.