Tuesday 6/23

Did you check those emails? We covered a handful of important items as we come back.

The equipment photos will continue until I have athletes in the gym.

I’m still looking for volunteers for some of these test classes! Comment below and I’ll get in contact with you.

WORKOUT for Tuesday 6/23/2020 – LUMINARA

Accumulate quality candlestick rolls within 6:00. Goal is 30, then

60 pushups + 2 shoulder taps, start & EMOM 8 jumping lunges

Post time to comments.

2nd Serving: Need More Work?

10x 100m run at 80-90%, resting 2:00 or more between efforts. Push hard, but don’t go completely all out (if you can finish all 10 rounds and feel good about your effort you did it correctly!)

Pullup Strength Ladder: EMOM x3 do 1-2-1 reps.

READ: Opinion: America Is Too Broken to Fight the Coronavirus – NY Times
RESEARCH: What are you doing to prevent yourself from getting COVID-19? What precautions are you taking- think about the new habits you have, how you dress, how you socialize, and what you do when you go outside of your residence. Do you wear a mask to protect not only yourself, but others? Are you taking this seriously? What kind of methods do you use when washing your hands or using hand sanitizer? Do you know some of the complications that arise from those “who’ve recovered from Coronavirus”? The gym will open up soon- we’re going to do everything possible to keep everyone safe! Just remember your responsibility to do the same. Respect the rules we’ll have in place and we’ll get through pandemic together, stronger and healthier than we have before.

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