MOBILITY for Sunday 9/11/2022

SKILLS for Saturday 9/10/2022 is the SNATCH

WORKOUT for Sat 9/10

1:00 work, 1:00 rest until completed: 100 burpee box jump overs, 12/20/24” then

10:00 to establish a heavy complex “BELLA COMPLEX”: clean + jerk + FS + jerk

Post time and heaviest successful weight


Where should upload our pictures from spring and summer? Facebook has been the de facto place of upload for us for a long time, but with how privacy and social media is involving we’re not quite sure where to share all of you (other than here, of course)


WORKOUT for Friday 9/9/2022


3 rounds for time:
400m run
21 perfectly-vertical kettlebell swings, 12/16/24kg
12 pullups

Rx+ should should for a 16/24/32kg kettlebell and chest-to-bar pullups. SupeRx does 5 rounds instead of 3.

Post time to whiteboard!

ENGINE for Fri 9/9

100-90-80-70-60-50-60-70-80-90-100 single unders. Alternate between a 200m farmer’s walk and a 200m rack/gun walk between jump rope sets.


3 sets
10-15 ring row
10-15 Z-press
1:00 rest

3 sets
15-20 bent-over row
15-20 pushup variation
1:00 rest

3 sets
10-15 upright row (aka high pull)
10-15 dips

Gymnastics for Fri 9/9

EMOM for 10 minutes:
4 strict handstand pushups
5-8 ring pushups


SKILLS for Thursday 9/8/2022 is BENCH PRESS

MOBILITY for Thurs 9/8

WORKOUT for Wednesday 9/7/2022

E5MOM for 30 minutes complete a 500m row

Score = slowest round. HS/HSPU practice during rests.

ENGINE for Wed 9/7

1:00 pike box walk
1:00 single leg squats
1:00 burpee box jump, high

Repeat for five rounds. Finish with 2:00 max calorie Echo


30-20-10 reps of
DB hang power clean
DB shrug

4-5 rounds
10 Pendlay rows
10 DB curls

REPRESENT: Persistence Athletics (Belltown) Hosts the Army Fitness Test Competition this Friday!

SKILLS for Tuesday 9/5/2022 is the PRESS

GYMNASTICS for Tues 9/5

every minute for 9 minutes: 3 strict pullups + 5 kipping pullups

3 rounds
:30/side side plank
12 alternating deadbug
12 alternating quadruped bird dog


WORKOUT for Monday 9/5/2022

for time:
60 pushups
40 dumbbell hang clean & jerk
20 squats
(1:00 rest)
60 squats
40 pushups
20 dumbbell hang clean & jerk
(1:00 rest)
60 dumbbell hang clean & jerk
40 squats
20 pushups

Rx = 20/35/50lbs. Cap is 20:00. Compare to 7/13/2022. Post time/score to whiteboard!


MOBILITY for Sunday 9/4/2022

SKILLS for Saturday 9/3/2022 is the PRESS/PUSH PRESS/JERK

WORKOUT for Saturday 9/3/2022

YGIG AMRAP in 30:00
1 power clean
3 jerks
5 deadlifts
7 pushups

Rx = 29/43/61kg. Score = total reps completed (16/round)

READ: Army Fitness Test Competition in Belltown!


Next Friday 9/9/2022 our friends at Persistence Athletics in Belltown are hosting a mini-competition with the Washington Army National Guard from 3pm through the evening.

It consists of six tests: a 3RM hex bar deadlift, sprint/drag/carry shuttles, max pushups, max plank, power throws, and a 2-mile run for time.

+ + + SIGN UP HERE! + + +

Come test your fitness, represent your gym, and meet + compete with the community at large!