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WORKOUT for Friday 10/14/2022

establish a deadlift max, then

“CGO 22.1″
AMRAP in 15 minutes:
3 wall walks
12 dumbbell snatches, 20/35/50lbs
15 box jump overs, 12/20/24”

Post results to whiteboard!

ENGINE for Fri 10/14

4:00 on, 1:00 off
– prowler push & pull
– running single unders
– ECHO bike
– rower

BODYBUILDING for Fri 10/14

4-5 rounds
10 hang muscle clean
12 Gorilla row
:30 rest

3-4 rounds
15 high pulls
20 Chinese lateral raise
1:00 rest

2-3 rounds
max chin-ups
max ring rows
max barbell bicep curls
rest as needed

GYMNASTICS for Fri 10/14

“ANNIE” then

handstand, headstand, and shoulder stand practice


Coach Dave

CONDITIONING for Monday 10/12/2020


50-40-30-20-10 reps for time:
(jumping) lunges

Post time to comments!

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Tony showing Sareena the ropes

We plan to add the 4:30pm Zoom class permanently on Monday and Wednesday. We’re also looking at adding a 6:30pm class multiple days a week.. and maybe an 8am?

Any particular Zoom, YouTube, or Instagram classes you’d like to see from us? Tell us in the comments.

WORKOUT for Wednesday 4/15/2020

50-40-30-20-10 reps for time:
double unders

No Equipment Variation
50-40-30-20-10 reps for time
jumping jacks

Post time to comments!

2nd Serving: Need More Work? (Endurance-Bias)

3x 20:00 efforts for max distance, resting no more than 5:00 between efforts. Try to accumulate more total distance than you did on Sunday.

HSPU Strength Ladder: every 2:00 for two rounds do 1-2-3-2-1

READ: Parallette Training – The CrossFit Journal.

Parallettes are easy to make and can be a large part of your bodyweight control training. You can also use dumbbell handles in a pinch, but the taller heights and better stability allow for more variance with the proper tools. We just made four more pairs in addition to what we already had for member equipment take-out!

WATCH: Premieres at 8am Wednesday morning!

Some updates:

The Spartan Race has been postponed to later in the year. While we’ve been training we don’t want it to go to waste so we will be running our own obstacle course race that original event day, Saturday the

CrossFit WOD for Monday 3/16/2020

50-40-30-20-10 reps for time:
double unders

then back squat 8×4

Share time and back squat weight to whiteboard! Post-workout should be 2-3 rounds of heel walking (30 steps or so), 1:00 in the arch, and 30-60s chair stretch/side.

Barbell Club – Week 3 of 4

In Olympic Weightlifting we’re going to wave up and down to check technique. In Powerlifting we continue our speed sets. Do you feel faster in execution yet?

At-Home WOD #1

TABATA wide-grip pushups, front squats, and situps. Rest at least 1:00 between efforts.

A tabata interval is :20 of maximal rep work then :10 of rest, repeated for 8 rounds/4:00. The goal is this workout is to go ALL OUT every interval, taking note of your reps.

Use your a stop watch function on your watch or phone, listen to these tabata pop covers on Spotify, or find any an app for timing!

You can grab the AT-HOME WORKOUTS BINGO sheet here, or at the gym.

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Colin, being strong

CrossFit WOD for Monday 1/6/2020

AMRAP in 5:00 (“ANNIE”)
50-40-30-20-10 reps for time:
double unders

AMRAP in 5:00 (“FRAN”)
21-15-9 reps for time:
thruster, 43/29/20kg

21-15-9 reps for time:
power clean, 61/43/29kg
ring dips

Rest 5:00 between each AMRAP. Share total reps completed to whiteboard!

Post-workout: go through the “World’s Greatest Stretch” sequence, holding each position for :15 or so for the first round, :30 or so for the second round.

Foundation Barbell Club

OLYMPIC WEIGHTLIFTING: This January cycle continues on our pulling sequencing- but we’ll start each session with squatting! Overhead strength development and isometric midline work to complete each day! Anyone want another Friday or Saturday morning Barbell class?

POWERLIFTING: We’re starting the first phase of the year. We’ll be back onto our high-volume in squats, bench, and deads for thickening your joints and practicing good range and form.

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Melissa F

Setting an arched position does two things for us in bench pressing: 1.) it changes the angle of the shoulder in a more productive angle that keeps us safe and allows for fuller muscle engagement, and 2.) provides the shoulders a way to pull back shortening the arms, fire off the lats, and shorten the range of motion even more by lifting the sternum up towards the bar.


+ Diagnose and Treat Your Own CARB Syndrome – TCSP

(BTW because of him talking about it all the time, I think Zevia >>>>> La Croix)

CrossFit WOD for Thursday 6/21

establish a bench press max, then


50-40-30-20-10 reps for time:
double unders

Performance does unbroken double unders and GHDSU.

Post results to whiteboard!

HIIT WOD – 12pm & 5:30pm


1 round of :30 running in place, :10 squat jacks (aka drop squats)
– high knee run
– butt kickers
– broad/long jump to backwards hop
– icky shuffle
– carioca
– icky shuffle
– broad/long jump to backwards hop
– butt kickers


[recover and stretch hamstrings then t-spine/shoulder/elbow wrist DROM for throwing]


2 rounds of :60 on, :20 off
– side-to-side mountain climber
underhand forward throw
– semicircle mountain climber
underhand overhead throw
– jumping mountain climber


3 rounds of 2:30 on, :30 rest
10 rotation throw, L
20 cross chop walking lunges
10 rotation throw, R
20 toe taps
10 ball slams
20 squat thrusts


ABmaggedon: isometric edition
– 1:00 forearm plank
– 1:00 forearm side plank
– 1:00 forearm side plank on other side
– 1:00 forearm plank + 1:00 Gymnastic-style plank

Foundations 8 WOD

ascending front squats, then


for time:
1k row
50 thrusters, 20/15kg
30 pullups

Time cap is 12:00

Foundation CrossFit NEWS

+ The next Olympic Weightlifting and Powerlifting cycles begin next week! If you want to participate, you must be registered for the programs beforehand. Hit the link and fill it out!
+ This Saturday is an EVERYONE-IS-WELCOME Community CrossFit class. Bring your friends/co-workers/loved ones/frenemies/neighbors and try a workout with us.
+ Our next Foundations On-Ramp Course begins Tuesday, January 16th. More details at the link!

CrossFit WOD for Thursday 1/4

establish a 1RM clean & jerk in 20 minutes, then


50-40-30-20-10 reps for time:
double unders

Or another simple variation of the workout. Post results to whiteboard!

HIIT WOD – 12pm

Tempo / Time Trial

20 Air Squats/Push Ups
15 Air Squats/Push Ups 31×1
10 Air Squats/Push Ups 4222
5 Air Squats/Push Ups 5333

– then –
20 Hanging Knee Raises/Ring Row
15 Hanging Knee Raises/Ring Row 2121
10 Hanging Knee Raises/Ring Row 3232
5 Hanging Knee Raises/Ring Row 4343

for time:
150 double dumbbell walking lunge steps
*EMOM 5 burpees

HIIT WOD – 5:30pm

Tempo / Time Trial

Death by 10m…. starting at 5!


150 plate facing burpees for time


WE WILL ROCK YOU wall sit + a surprise!


You can stream the Trident Championships Weightlifting Meet that Robyn S, Vicky B, Kylie C, Bri M, Megan K, Gabrielle F, Guillaume C, Nathan M, and Andrew B will be competing at here!

CrossFit WOD for Saturday 6/24


50-40-30-20-10 reps for time:
double unders
ab-mat situps



double unders
ab rollouts

Post times to whiteboard!


Sarah B

The double under is a higher-level skill that takes tons of coordination. If you don’t have coordination it will take megatons of practice and concentration. See the linked article for a nice training program!


+ Are You Tired of Tripping on Double Unders? – WODprep

CrossFit WOD for Thursday 4/13

for time:
10 deadlifts, 102/70kg
50 double unders
50 situps
8 deadlifts, 102/70kg
40 double unders
40 situps
6 deadlifts, 102/70kg
30 double unders
30 situps
4 deadlifts, 102/70kg
20 double unders
20 situps
2 deadlifts, 102/70kg
10 double unders
10 situps

Rx = 102/70kg, Fitness/Health = 61/43kg, Performance = 120/84kg. Alternatively use 60% of your 1RM deadlift.

Post time to whiteboard.

April 2017 Foundations WOD

500-400-300-200-100m row for time, while partner holds a double kettlebell rack

HellaFit WOD


1. burpees
2. squats
3. pushups
4. arch holds
5. OH lunges
6. power KBS

1 minute of midline or handstand work after each tabata.


Bobby B and Dave H


+ Coaching Roundatable CrossFit Open 14.4: Tips and Advice – Tabata Times

CrossFit WOD for Test Tuesday 1/24

50-40-30-20-10 reps for time:
wall ball
double unders

OR if you’ve never done the benchmarks separately before


50-40-30-20-10 reps for time:
double unders

rest 1 minute, then


150 wall ball for time

Post times to whiteboard!

HellaFit WOD


30 min AMRAP:

100m run
20 lunges
30 push-ups
40 Russian twists
50 KBS