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WORKOUT for Monday 4/11/2022

every minute on the minute for 10 minutes:
a. 5 box jumps, high
b. 2 snatches (SupeRx = hang snatch + full snatch)

50-35-20 reps for time:
wall ball, 8/14/20lbs

Post time to whiteboard!


If you don’t possess awesome mobility in your fingers/hands/wrists/forearms/shoulders you may find that holding a barbell in the rack position leave your wrists sore and uncomfortable.

We can improve this position temporarily by keeping the hands open, bearing the bar onto the delts with the fingers preventing forward slippage.

CONDITIONING for Thursday 4/8/2021


AMRAP in 7:00 of
7 deadlifts
7 high pulls
7 goblet squats
7 twisting lunges

3:00 rest then repeat. You can resume where you left off or begin from the top again. Post results to comments!

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Anyone else miss the burpee complex?

CONDITIONING for Monday 3/29/2021


AMRAP in 20:00​
14 hang med ball cleans
14 plank drags
14 toe taps
14 russian twists

Try to maintain the same time for each round and have a pace that’s “reaching”. If you don’t have a medicine ball, use something that’s weighted like a backpack

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