CONDITIONING for Working Womxn’s Wednesday 11/11/2020


AMRAP in 7:00
7 ground-to-overhead
14 lunges

If you can’t go heavy, go fast. If you can do both, then TRY IT. Post results to comments!

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CONDITIONING for Tasty Tuesday 11/10/2020


for max total reps:
5:00 of lunges
4:00 of situps
3:00 of rocket launchers
2:00 of hand-release pushups
1:00 of burpees

The goal of this workout is to give you freedom in how your working sets are built. You obviously won’t go unbroken for the entirety of each time period, but can you use sets in either reps (10 or so at a time) or time (tabata?) to manage your workload?

Scaling Up? Add weight to everything- you can goblet/rack/farmers/overhead the lunge with a weight, you can do overhead situps, goblet Rocket Launchers (ew), weighted hand-release pushups, and pogo (over your weight) burpees.

Compare to 10/23/2020. Post score to comments!

IN-GYM for Tasty Tuesday 11/10/2020


Complete 7 unbroken sets of the following:
1 power clean
1 front squat
1 push press
1 back squat
1 push press

These five movements complete one rep of the “Bear Complex”. Repeat this complete seven times/reps in a row without setting the barbell down on the ground. Repeat for five total cycles, increasing the weight and resting as needed between each round to complete the workout. (Check this 200lbs effort from 2011!)

Score is the max weight used for your fifth unbroken round.

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CONDITIONING for Monday 11/9/2020


EMOM x 40:00
a. :40 max burpees, :20 rest
b. :40 sumo deadlift high pull, :20 rest
c. :40 situps, :20 rest
d. :40 parallel kettlebell swings, :20 rest
e. :60 max plank

Do you best to pace so that you’re actually working the entire time you’re supposed to, especially since you have built-in rests. Post score to comments!

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Yoga for Sunday 11/8/2020

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HIIT for Saturday 11/7/2020

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CONDITIONING for Champagne Friday 11/6/2020


6 rounds for max total reps:
1:00 thruster
1:00 pogo burpee
1:00 Devil’s press
1:00 rest

Post score to comments.

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CONDITIONING for Thursday 11/5/2020


max med ball cleans (20/14/8lbs) in 7:00, but every :30 do 3 v-ups.

If you don’t have a medicine ball, anything weighted works! Post score to comments.

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CONDITIONING for Wednesday 11/4/2020


3 rounds for max total reps:
2:00 bar-facing burpees
2:00 squat cleans
1:00 rest

Post score to comments!

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CONDITIONING for Election Day 11/3/2020


3 rounds for max total reps
1:00 max thrusters
1:00 max pogo hops
1:00 max step-ups
1:00 max alternating Devil’s press
1:00 rest

Post score to comments!

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CONDITIONING for Monday 11/2/2020


20:00 AMRAP
20 squat jacks
20 kb swings
20 burpees
20 pushups
*20 Penguin jumps/double unders or a 100m run after each movement

Post score to comments!

Don’t start out too hot, and find a pace you can maintain. This is a test of your control over breathing and your pace ability to take short rests. It’s chock full of cardio, so just keep chipping away at the movements.

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